Facial Feminization Surgery Photo Gallery

Facial feminization surgery frequently involves performing multiple procedures on the face to achieve a more feminine appearance. This gallery includes Dr. Mittermiller’s before and after photographs in addition to other images that may help people learn more about the procedures and potential results. To learn more about facial feminization surgery click here.

This gallery includes facial feminization surgery before after photos from Dr. Mittermiller in addition to before and after CT scans and other pictures that may be relevant for learning more about the procedures involved in FFS.

Before and after photos are an essential part of the FFS journey. They allow clients to visualize their transformation and provide them with realistic expectations of the results they can achieve. Some patients may have facial features similar to patients who have already undergone an operation. In those situations the before after photos of FFS are helpful for envisioning the degree and types of changes they can expect. In our practice, we are proud to showcase our before and after photos, which demonstrate the transformations our clients have experienced.

Dr. Mittermiller is continuing to obtain photographs and categorize these photographs according to the procedures performed on each patient. The facial feminization before after photos shown below include before and after photographs from FFS procedures that included brow bone reduction, orbital rim contouring, brow lift, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, lip lift, genioplasty, jaw contouring, or tracheal shave (aka Adam’s Apple reduction or thyroid cartilage reduction).

Viewers should be aware that every patient is different and every operation is different. Therefore, results shown in FFS before after photos will obviously vary from one person to the next. The photographs allow patients to see typical results performed by the surgeon.

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Dr. Mittermiller is a plastic surgeon with specialty training in craniofacial surgery and facial feminization surgery. He is primarily located in Los Angeles, California and serves the broader Southern California area.

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