Rhinoplasty Before and After – #221216

This patient underwent a feminizing rhinoplasty as part of facial feminization surgery. The procedures performed are listed below:

Rhinoplasty (Feminizing)
Facial Feminization Surgery

This patient underwent a feminizing rhinoplasty with multiple techniques. She underwent a dorsal hump reduction, tip narrowing, dorsal narrowing, and tip rotation.

This patient wanted changes to the size and shape of of her nose. She wanted the bridge (dorsum) to be lower and more narrow. She wanted the tip to be smaller and more elevated.

Fortunately, this patient did not have any problems with nasal obstruction prior to the surgery. This allowed a more aggressive approach to reducing the size of the nose. Oftentimes, a reduction in size of the nose can worsen nasal obstruction. In this case, it was important to carefully evaluate the patient prior to the operation to make sure that a reduction would not create problems with nasal obstruction.

Dr. Mittermiller is a specialty trained plastic surgeon who primarily operates in the Los Angeles area. He is passionate about craniofacial surgery, gender-affirming surgery, and rhinoplasty.

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