Facial Feminization Surgery Scar after Coronal Incision Coronal Incision

This patient underwent a facial feminization with a brow bone reduction, orbital rim contouring, and brow lift performed through a coronal incision. The procedures performed are listed below:

Brow bone reduction (Type 3)
Orbital rim contouring
Brow lift

In the photograph on the left, we carefully separated the hair to either side of the scar and held it in place with a headband. The photograph on the right shows how well hidden the scar normally is when the hair is allowed to simply fall naturally. The patient is only 1 month out from surgery, so the hair will continue to grow next to the scar and make it even less visible.

Facial feminization surgery is a complex and intricate procedure that aims to create a more feminine appearance in the face. One of the most common incisions used in this procedure is the coronal incision, which allows for extensive surgical manipulation of the forehead, eyebrows, orbital rims, and brow bone. While this technique can be effective, it can also leave a noticeable scar. However, with proper care and healing, the scar can fade significantly over time, leaving a well-healed result.

At our plastic surgery clinic, we take great care to ensure that all incisions are made with precision and skill, minimizing scarring and promoting optimal healing. We understand that many patients are concerned about the visibility of scars after surgery, which is why we prioritize scar management and provide detailed post-operative instructions.

In the case of the coronal incision, we are proud to showcase images of well-healed scars from previous patients. These photos demonstrate the exceptional results that can be achieved with proper care and patience. We believe that these images provide reassurance to potential patients, highlighting the positive outcomes that are possible with facial feminization surgery.

Our website features a gallery of before-and-after photos, including examples of patients who have undergone coronal incision surgery for facial feminization. We are confident that these images will allow us to connect with more individuals seeking this life-changing procedure. If you are considering facial feminization surgery, we invite you to explore our website and schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and expectations.

Dr. Mittermiller is a specialty trained plastic surgeon who primarily operates in the Los Angeles area. He is passionate about craniofacial surgery, gender-affirming surgery, and rhinoplasty.

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