Type 3 Brow Bone Reduction Before and After Photos

This patient underwent facial feminization surgery (FFS) with a type 3 brow bone reduction (aka brow bone setback, forehead reduction, or forhead setback).

This patient had a thick frontal bone with small frontal sinuses. It was possible to obtain a significant degree of setback with shaving alone (type 1 brow bone reduction), but a formal type 3 setback was performed to get that extra movement and optimize her result. 

Most of her brow prominence was located centrally, so this is where the majority of the changes are seen. Each person has a differently shaped brow bone, so the specifics of approach are slightly different for every person. 

The first set of photographs shows the amount of setback obtained from the reduction. The brow ridge is essentially eliminated, producing a smooth, round forehead.

The second set of photographs shows how the light reflex changes with removal of the brow prominence. Previously, the light reflected off the brow prominence. Afterwards, the light reflects more diffusely off the entire forehead.

The third set of photographs shows how a rounded forehead was obtained and how the orbital rims were contoured to create a more round, instead of square forehead.

The attention to detail at each component of the brow bone reduction contributes towards creating an overall softer, more feminine appearance.

Before and after photographs for brow bone reduction for FFS are important for prospective patients to review. They provide information about what one can expect from an operation and whether they would be an appropriate candidate for the procedure.

Dr. Mittermiller is a specialty trained plastic surgeon who primarily operates in the Los Angeles area. He is passionate about craniofacial surgery, gender-affirming surgery, and rhinoplasty.

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