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Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After – #230224

This patient underwent facial feminization with multiple procedures. The procedures visible in these photos are listed below:

Brow bone reduction (type 3)
Orbital contouring
Coronal brow lift
Feminizing rhinoplasty
Turbinate reductions
Cheek implants

This patient underwent a combination of facial feminization surgery and nasal procedures to improve breathing through the nose.

The frontal bone was reduced using a type 3 reduction. This means that cuts were made in the front bone of the forehead. The bone was then moved backwards in order to allow for a significant reduction in the prominence of the forehead, or brow bossing.

Reducing the nose significantly can dramatically impair breathing through the nose if careful attention is not paid towards maintaining a patent nasal airway. This patient had a deviated septum that was obstructing both the right and left nasal cavities. A septoplasty was performed to remove those deviations. In order to reconstruct the internal nasal valve following the reduction rhinoplasty, cartilage grafts from the septum were used as additional support, providing both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

It is important during an evaluation for feminizing rhinoplasty that the surgeon be aware of any symptoms of nasal obstruction. In these scenarios, it may be best to address those functional problems at the same time as the feminizing rhinoplasty.

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