Type 3 Brow Bone Reduction Before After CT Scan Images

This patient underwent a brow bone reduction as part of facial feminization surgery.

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FFS Before and After Photographs

These before and after CT scan images demonstrate the significant degree of brow bone setback that can be obtained with a type 3 brow bone reduction.

A type 3 reduction is one method of brow bone reduction (aka brow bone setback). With this technique, cuts are made into the frontal bone (brow bone) and the bone is moved backwards and held in place with tiny plates and screws.

In addition to simply moving the brow bone backwards, a brow bone setback softens the shape of the brow. It turns an angular, prominent forehead with a deep radix into a softer, rounder shape with gentler curves transitioning from the forehead to the nose.

This type of brow bone reduction is commonly only performed by surgeons with fellowship training in craniofacial surgery or facial feminization surgery.

These before after photos of a type 3 brow bone reduction allow you to see what type of results you can obtain after undergoing this procedure. Every person’s forehead prominence is different, so it is important to discuss your expectations and specific situation with your surgeon.

Dr. Mittermiller is a specialty trained plastic surgeon who primarily operates in the Los Angeles area. He is passionate about craniofacial surgery, gender-affirming surgery, and rhinoplasty.

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