Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After – #221206

This patient underwent facial feminization with multiple procedures. The procedures visible in these photos are listed below:

Brow bone reduction (type 3)
Orbital rim contouring
Coronal brow lift

Every brow bone is slightly different. The projection of this patient’s forehead was most prominent above the eyes and at the superolateral orbits (upper outer portions of the bone surrounding the eyes.

The three-quarter views demonstrate the significant reduction in the upper outer aspect of the orbital rim.

When looking at the patient in all views, you can see the decrease in the amount of shadowing on the eyes. This happens when there is less bone above the eyes. Reducing that bone allows for more light to fall on the eyes, making them appear brighter and more open.

The combination of bony contouring with soft tissue manipulation (brow lift) can dramatically feminize the upper face.

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Dr. Mittermiller is a plastic surgeon with specialty training in craniofacial surgery and facial feminization surgery. He is primarily located in Los Angeles, California and serves the broader Southern California area.

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