Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After – #220330

This patient underwent facial feminization with multiple procedures. The procedures visible in these photos are listed below:

Jaw contouring
Osseous genioplasty (T-shaped)

This patient desired a reduction in the size of her chin and jaw. Prior to surgery, her lips did not close at rest due to the excess vertical height of the chin. There was also strain of the muscle at the chin that is responsible for closing the mouth.

A T-shaped osseous genioplasty was performed to reduce the height and width of the chin. The jaw was contoured to create a smooth transition from the chin to the jaw and to narrow the jaw. This combination of procedures is performed to produce a more defined, feminine chin and jawline after the procedure, as well as a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial profile.

The incisions for this procedure are all placed within the mouth, preventing any visible signs of surgery.

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Dr. Mittermiller is a plastic surgeon with specialty training in craniofacial surgery and facial feminization surgery. He is primarily located in Los Angeles, California and serves the broader Southern California area.

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