cisgender facial feminization surgery
facial feminization for females

Can cisgender women get facial feminization surgery?

Yes, cisgender women can get facial feminization surgery (FFS). Although there are some components of facial feminization surgery, such as a tracheal shave, that are generally not performed on cisgender women, there are many facial feminization procedures that can further define the features of a cisgender woman. These procedures are helpful for both women who were assigned male and birth and women who were assigned female at birth. Click here to see a full array of procedures that are commonly performed during facial feminization surgery. Although these procedures are most commonly performed on transgender women, then can also be performed as FFS for cis women, or for non-binary individuals.

Jaw contouring and genioplasty can be performed to slim the lower third of the face and narrow the chin. Click here to learn more about jaw feminization surgery.

Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Versa can be used to enhance the lips and cheeks.

Forehead feminization for cisgender women can be performed with a surgical hairline lowering, brow lift, row bone reduction, or orbital rim contouring. These procedures are performed to feminize the upper third of the face. Click here to learn more about forehead feminization surgery.

The goal of cisgender facial feminization surgery (or cisgender FFS) is to produce harmony within a feminine face.

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