Type 3 Brow Bone Reduction Before and After CT Scans

This patient underwent facial feminization with multiple procedures. The procedures visible in these photos are listed below:

Brow bone reduction (type 3)
Orbital contouring

A type 3 reduction allows for a significantly larger movement of the forehead bone than simply shaving the brow bone (type 1 reduction). This, in turn, creates a more feminine final result. This type of brow bone reduction is used to treat excessive brow bossing.

A type 3 brow bone reduction frequently requires additional training in craniofacial surgery or gender-affirming surgery in order for it to be performed properly and safely. 

As with any surgery, it is important to understand the training background of your surgeon before proceeding with an operation.

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Dr. Mittermiller is a plastic surgeon with specialty training in craniofacial surgery and facial feminization surgery. He is primarily located in Los Angeles, California and serves the broader Southern California area.

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