Facial Masculinization Surgery with Custom Wraparound Jaw Implant Before After Photos

This patient underwent facial masculinization surgery (FMS) with a custom wraparound jaw implant.

Facial masculinization surgery has become a powerful option for individuals seeking to harmonize their physical appearance with their gender identity. We present here a patient who underwent facial masculinization surgery (FMS) with a custom wraparound jaw implant in order to masculinize the lower third of the face.

The before photograph portrays the patient prior to undergoing facial masculinization surgery. In this image, the patient’s facial features may exhibit characteristics that are incongruent with their desired masculine appearance. Typically, the lack of definition in the jawline towards the back and the small chin contribute to a softer, more feminine aesthetic. The before photograph serves as a visual reference, capturing the patient’s starting point and highlighting the areas that will be addressed during the surgical procedure.

The implant insertion process plays a critical role in placement of a custom wraparound jaw implant for facial masculinization surgery. After a thorough consultation and assessment, the surgeon meticulously designs a custom implant tailored to the patient’s unique facial structure and desired outcome. During the surgery, the surgeon makes discreet incisions within the mouth to allow for scarring that is not visible to others. Carefully maneuvering through these incisions, the surgeon places the custom implant along the jawline, providing enhanced definition and a more angular appearance. The implant is secured in place to prevent migration and malposition postoperatively

Before and after photographs for facial masculinization surgery (FMS) are invaluable tools for both the surgeon and the patient. These images offer a visual representation of the transformation achieved through facial masculinization surgery. The before photograph serves as a reference point, capturing the patient’s initial appearance and highlighting the specific areas targeted for enhancement. It allows the patient to communicate their goals and aspirations more effectively, ensuring that the surgical plan aligns with their desired outcome.

The after photograph, taken post-surgery, showcases the transformative effects of facial masculinization surgery with a custom wraparound jaw implant. The image reveals the enhanced definition of the jawline and a stronger chin, resulting in a more masculine appearance. By comparing the before and after photographs side by side, the patient and surgeon can objectively assess the successful outcome and celebrate the achievement of the desired aesthetic goals. This patient obtained chin that is taller, wider, and more prominent. The jaw is wider through the body of the mandible and at the angles of the mandible.

The custom wraparound jaw implant offers numerous benefits in facial masculinization surgery. Its tailored design ensures a seamless fit along the patient’s jawline, creating a natural-looking and harmonious result. The implant provides structural support and reshapes the jawline, enhancing masculinity and creating a more defined facial contour. Moreover, the use of safe and durable materials ensures long-lasting results, improving patient satisfaction and reducing the need for revision surgery.

Facial masculinization surgery (FMS) with a custom wraparound jaw implant presents a transformative solution for individuals seeking to align their physical appearance with their gender identity. The use of before and after photographs effectively captures the journey and highlights the significant changes achieved through this innovative surgical technique. By using before and after photographs as visual aids, patients can better communicate their aspirations. This approach allows for dramatic yet natural transformations and reinforces the profound impact of facial masculinization surgery on an individual’s confidence and self-image.

Dr. Mittermiller is a specialty trained plastic surgeon who primarily operates in the Los Angeles area. He is passionate about craniofacial surgery, gender-affirming surgery, and rhinoplasty.

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