facial feminization surgery

What is the most important procedure for facial feminization?

Every individual has different characteristic facial features. Depending on these features, certain procedures may be more important than others. Two procedures that often contribute to gender appearance are the forehead and jaw. Men often have more prominent foreheads than women. This is most apparent in the brow immediately over the eyes and above the nose. Reducing the brow can have a dramatic affect not only on to modify the gender defining features, but to open light on the eyes and provide fewer shadows around the eyes.

The jaw is another location that has significant effects on gender identity. In men, the jaw can be wider at the angles, which is the lower location closest to the back. The jaw often remains wide as it comes forward towards the chin and at the chin. An increased height of the chin is also an area that is most characteristic in men. Reducing the width of the mandible can have dramatic effects. Jaw reduction can have profound effects for both transgender and cisgender women.

There are multiple other procedures that can provide incremental changes in gender perception. Hairline lowering or hair transplants can affect the height of the forehead and the characteristic male hairline. Cheek implants provide fuller, softer cheeks. Lifting of the lip with an incision underneath the nose can increase the visual size of the lip and amount of tooth show. A rhinoplasty can also improve one’s confidence by contributing to a patient’s overall appearance.

Combining some or all of these procedures provides the most profound effect.

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