cisgender facial masculinization

Can cisgender men get facial masculinization surgery (FMS)?

Yes, cisgender men can get facial masculinization surgery. Facial masculinization surgery often focuses on the lower third of the face. Cisgender men are most commonly interested in creating a stronger jawline by either increasing the width the of jaw or defining the angles of the jaw. This is often performed through placement of implants for facial masculinization.

The chin is another point of interest. Men with a recessed chin and normal dental occlusion may be interested in a genioplasty to bring the chin forward or down to contribute to a more masculine face.

For men who are interested in less invasive procedures, injectable soft tissue fillers can be used to augment the jaw in the areas mentioned above.

Cisgender facial masculinization is often performed to remove feminine features or further strengthen masculine features.

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